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New 74 Million Column

On the shifting demographics of US public education…and preparing schools.

New Century Foundation Piece

On the civil rights value of transparent data on student achievement.

New 74 Million Interview

Of the founders of a new bilingual school in Nashville.

New Century Foundation Piece

On the challenges of setting targets for students’ growth amidst a pandemic that erased a year (or years) of testing data.

New Century Foundation Piece

On how to gather better data on the diversity within the “English Learners” student group.

New Century Foundation Piece

On how to advance equity in early education now.

New Children’s Equity Project Report

On actions the Biden administration can take to advance equity in early education while waiting for action from Congress.

New 74 Million Column, New Century Foundation Report

TCF report on updating federal policies shaping English learners’ educations…and a 74 Million column summarizing some of its main ideas.

New Column, New Report

Column in the Education Post with a few more thoughts about school integration and U.S. gentrification. Report at The Century Foundation on ways that schools can focus their pandemic recovery efforts on English learners.

New Washington Post Book Review, New Children’s Equity Project Report

I wrote a review in the Washington Post of Courtney E. Martin’s Learning in Public: Lessons for a Racially Divided America From My Daughter’s School. I co-authored this new Children’s Equity Project report on how Head Start can be incorporated into any push towards universal pre-K in the United States.


February 2023