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New 74 Million Column

Interviewing congressional candidate Yolie Flores on her educational background. Advertisements

New Washington Post Column on Betsy DeVos

On how DeVos’ bad approach to school choice is a threat to better, more progressive ones.

New 74 Million Column on the Trump Era

Education reformers who work with Trump do so at their own peril.

New 74 Million Column

On how changing economic conditions are shaping Millennials’ lives, professional options, and views on education.

New Hechinger Report Column on Dual Immersion Programs

Dual Immersion Programs Support Equity, Excellence, and Integration.

New Column: Donald Trump and Education Reform

In The 74 Million: On balance, party survival is no great thing, particularly when there’s something much greater at stake. It is far more important that we practice a politics worthy of our ancestors and build a country that is a suitable heritage for (all of) our children. In our final political accounting, they are … Continue reading

New Post: Relentlessness, Beauty, and Soccer

New blog post at Barcelona Football Blog on the value—and meaning—of workhorses like Dani Alves.

New Paper, Column, and Media Coverage

New paper out today on multilingual paraprofessionals in U.S. schools—and how to convert more of them into multilingual lead teachers. New column out today explaining the paper, the problem it addresses, and the importance of finding solutions. Education Week covered the paper’s release. También lo cobró Univision.

New 74 Million Column

On how education reformers should incorporate early learning research into their policies.

New 74 Million Column: Learning to Implement Reforms

We love innovation, but are we willing to think through how to implement our interesting new ideas?


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