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New 74 Million Column

On conservatives’ amoral abdication of leadership on school reopening.

New Column, New Report

Column in the Education Post with a few more thoughts about school integration and U.S. gentrification. Report at The Century Foundation on ways that schools can focus their pandemic recovery efforts on English learners.

New Washington Post Book Review, New Children’s Equity Project Report

I wrote a review in the Washington Post of Courtney E. Martin’s Learning in Public: Lessons for a Racially Divided America From My Daughter’s School. I co-authored this new Children’s Equity Project report on how Head Start can be incorporated into any push towards universal pre-K in the United States.

New 74 Million Column

On schools adapting to serve English learners during the pandemic.

New 74 Million Column

On a new study of how wealthy, white parents talk about schools when they’re anonymous and unaccountable.

New Hechinger Report Piece and Californians Together Column

I co-authored a Californians Together report on how well school districts took English learners’ needs into account in their planning for this school year. I wrote a column for the Hechinger Report on how pre-pandemic educational inequities should shape schools’ post-pandemic planning for English learners.

New 74 Million Column

On how current child allowance proposals would shift the framing of child poverty in the United States.

New Century Foundation Commentary

Outlining the challenges of engaging ELs during the pandemic + some ideas for overcoming those.

New 74 Million Column

On the problem of living in a not-serious country during a pandemic.

New Democracy Journal Book Review

On “How to Educate an American” and the impossible task of separating conservatism from Trumpism.


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