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New 74 Million Columns

1) On new research showing that dual language learners’ early Spanish language proficiency can help them learn English and develop academically. 2) On the best children’s literature ever written. 3) On ways to get the most out of reading with your children.     Advertisements

New Podcast Interview

Discussing dual immersion programs, English learners, and my recent article in the Atlantic on ELLevation Education’s Highest Aspirations podcast.

New 74 Million column

Interviewing Helen Thorpe, author of The Newcomers

New Column for the 74 Million

Thoughts on the DC Public Schools enrollment scandal that brought down chancellor Antwan Wilson

New 74 Million Column

DC’s public schools have tried basically every education policy idea we’ve got, but they still have so far to go. What’s next?

New 74 Million Column

Trump’s budget will harm underserved kids in myriad ways

New 74 Million Column

Privileged parents will game any flexibility built into school enrollment systems, DC Edition

New Post: Relentlessness, Beauty, and Soccer

New blog post at Barcelona Football Blog on the value—and meaning—of workhorses like Dani Alves.

New Papers and Columns

New papers out on how schools in San Antonio (TX), Washington (DC), and Portland’s (OR) David Douglas School District are improving how they serve dual language learners. Companion column at The 74 Million on how No Child Left Behind showed up in our research. Companion column at the Education Post on how it’s time to start scaling good … Continue reading

New TPM Column, New Team at New America, Etc

1) I was quoted in a Washington Post story on new federal guidance for English language learners. 2) New TPM column on pre-K as a cure for progressives’ malaise. 3) We launched the Dual Language Learners National Work Group at New America this week. Here’s one of our first posts.


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