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Taking Stock

Thought News officially kicked off on November 17, 2010, with this post. 392 days, 401 posts, and 1 child later, it’s still kicking. Let’s take stock.

• Since its inception, the site’s had 47,350 views (as of this very moment RIGHT NOW).
• That’s an average of ~121 views per day and 118 per post.
• The top five viewed posts (in order) are:

-Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Creativity (Thanks, Andrew Sullivan!)
-The Civil War Was Fought Over States’ Rights to Do What?
-How to Blog Irresponsibly (About Education) (Thanks, E.D. Kain!)
-José Mourinho is the World’s Best Coach? WHAT?!?
-Cesc Fàbregas, FC Barcelona, Catalanisme, and the Beautiful Game (Thanks ME, writing at Run Of Play!)

• Also in the top 10 are two favorites of mine: Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative and Freddie DeBoer, Progressivism, and Modernity.

I’m especially happy that my sportswriting is almost as popular as my political and philosophical stuff. If you have a magic wand I could borrow, I’d happily give myself a permanent job at Grantland.

It’s been (mostly) a lot of fun, so I’ll keep at it. Feedback, so long as it’s constructive, is always welcome. Which posts have you enjoyed the most? Which do you find useless? Also: if you’re interested in contributing content, send it along! 

As always, of course—thanks for reading! I know you have a choice in your heavily theoretical takes on progressive politics, and…wait—you DON’T really have many other options. The progressive blogosphere is mostly technocrats.

Well, thanks for reading all the same. Stay tuned for a deeply esoteric post about Dewey’s Art as Experience and its relation to the impending government shutdown. Maybe.

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One thought on “Taking Stock

  1. Sweet. Keep going strong!

    Posted by Jacob Lupfer | December 14, 2011, 7:06 pm


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