Head-to-Head: Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin

Michele Bachmann, President of the United States?

Noted American historian Michele Bachmann looks to be running for president. Given that we’ve been living in DC now for nearly four years, my wife and I—naturally—got right down to a debate over what this means for the coming primaries. “Naturally!” This is DC! Here inside the Beltway, presidential elections are like a two-year NFL season, but for dorks, and with more non-stop action.

We sort of generally agreed that Bachmann being IN means that it’s even more likely that Sarah Palin is staying OUT. They share a voting bloc (and they share with Christine O’Donnell, according to Bill Maher. His VERY risqué analysis of their electoral appeal is hilarious, but only if you’re not too prudish, AND if you remember last year’s Brett Favre texting scandal.)

The Bachmann-Palin comparison is an interesting one…as we talked, I maintained that Bachmann is somewhat more competent than her Alaskan doppelgänger. Yes, yes, she’s made some hilariously bad gaffes on American history, but she’s still holding down a congressional office (since 2007). Palin didn’t bother to finish her term as governor of Alaska. Compared with Bristol and Co., the Bachmann family looks downright perfect (yes, I know, low bar for comparison, etc). Shoot, her son Harrison is in Teach For America (even though Mom once called it a “Re-Education Camp“). Bachmann has a law degree. Palin, uh, well, she finished college in six years after switching institutions four times.

Sure, Bachmann makes some dumb mistakes—recall her “the Founders tirelessly worked to end slavery” flap?—but they’re nowhere near as bizarre and pathological as Palin’s.

So what does all of this mean for the electoral season? For common sense? For the facts? For America’s future? Is the GOP making La-La-Land their permanent political habitat? Is it telling that their most competent candidates (both electorally and politically) are still hedging about running for President? (Yes.)

I AM sure, however, that Bachmann’s candidacy is a good thing for the Democrats. Candidates like her, like Rick “Bestiality” Santorum, like Newt “Adultery is Patriotic” Gingrich, etc, only make Obama and Co. look like the only adults in the room. Remember our last experiment with the “I like this candidate, regardless of intelligence or qualifications” strategy? Hmm…..

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2 thoughts on “Head-to-Head: Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin

  1. I like Bachmann. I don’t like Palin (speaking in political terms of course). Unfortunately, I fear that Palin has tarnished the waters for someone like Bachmann. Palin is not very well spoken, which, for a conservative like me, just irks me to no end. There’s nothing more frustrating than having someone poorly explain something you believe in. Bachmann is substantially different in this area. She is very well spoken – very smart. I met her once & know people who know her. She is also very genuine. I don’t think she could win the nomination, and a VP grab would put her too close to Palin & too far out of the spotlight for the general public to see the difference between the two. However, I’d love to see her run as I think it would serve to keep other GOP candidates in check (same for Trump, whom I don’t want as the nominee, but that’s another topic).

    Posted by Chris | April 17, 2011, 4:27 am


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