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This Week’s “I Told You So”: Mayor Vince Gray, DC Politics, and the FBI

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and former D.C. Mayor Marion "B#$^& set me up!" Barry (2010)

OK. It might be a little premature, but I’ll go ahead and accept apologies from those of you out there who told me that Vincent Gray (now reportedly facing FBI investigation) would bring a new level of honesty and transparency and responsibility to D.C. politics (this was a shockingly common argument). My email address is in the upper right-hand corner. If you’re feeling especially sorry, I’ll accept gifts. I bike almost everyday in D.C.’s now-endangered bike lanes, so anything bike-related is best…but only if it will match with my hot new “black-on-black,” “fully-loaded” Trek 7000.

You’ll recall, if you argued with me in person, that I thought that Adrian Fenty’s administration was about as clean as any DC mayoral administration could be. Fenty was far from perfect, but he was as good as D.C. could hope for. Many of you told me something along the lines of, “Nuh-uh! Gray is squeaky-clean! He’ll do everything that Fenty wanted to do, but he’ll be nice and non-combative, and more transparent, etc!”

Here we are in Day 66 of the Gray Administration, and that’s already looking pretty hollow. So, you know, pass the apologies.

Here’s a few somewhat different, but still related, thoughts on D.C.-Gray-Local Politics:

Now yes, as I’ve written before, I’m cheered by the news that Gray is keeping Kaya Henderson on as permanent school chancellor. She’s going to do a great job. My ongoing concern, though, is that at some point Washington Teachers’ Union head Nathan Saunders is going to kick off the fight to repeal the last four years of DCPS reforms. When that happens, the local political scene is going to polarize sharply between those who back the reforms and those who don’t. No local pol has the cachet to preside serenely over that debate or to magically solve it through “collaboration.” Whether Gray will still be mayor at that point, of course, is another question…

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